Friday, May 1, 2009

Spanish Springs Golf Cart Series - Set 3

These carts came around the corner fairly fast and thus my compositions aren't very good...I had to snap a picture quickly before they were gone. The carts are rather colorful and some are such to bring a smile to one's face. The dogs, however, are cuter than the carts!

Lamp Post at Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is a working citrus farm in Davie, Florida (South Florida) which includes a small zoo, walkways into swampy areas, lots of interesting animals, gift shop, cafe, and structures that go back many years. I thought the lamp post had photogenic qualities.

Fighting for scraps

This is not one of my better images, but I thought it interesting. Evidently, there were fish scraps in the bottom of the boat, or something, which led to a confrontation between the pelican and a couple of turkey vultures.

You'll notice the second vulture on top of the boat watching the ongoing battle. We left shortly thereafter, so I don't know who won.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coming home

As the sun sank into the west, this boat made its way toward the marinas of Destin, which is located in the Panhandle of Florida.

A view from Cedar Cove

You may notice the wooden ladder on the left hand side of the photo. I have no idea what that was doing there.

Spanish Springs Golf Cart series - Set 2

We sat on a corner for a long time taking photos of golf carts as they came around the square in Spanish Springs...many of them carried'll see more of these tomorrow.

The other photos are random shots of various areas around the town square.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spanish Springs Golf Cart series - Set 1

Golf carts are ubiquitous throughout The Villages. Many of them are specially made to reflect the views and backgrounds of the owners. Almost all are colorful. We have a series of photos to share over the next few days. You will find some of the pictures to be fun and funny.

A Naples sunset

Naples, Florida is one of the state's most beautiful cities, located on the southwest coast just south of Fort Myers. Naples also has some spectacular sunsets. This was one of them.

A nice place to get married

As you drive into Cedar Key and arrive near the downtown area, you will see this nicely painted and decorated building on your left. I'm not sure what else goes on inside, but it appears that you can get married there. Just bring a marriage license.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mural in Spanish Springs

This mural is found on a wall near the theater in Spanish Springs. Fortunately, this gentleman wandered into the scene just as I snapped the can see, perhaps, he was a bit startled when he realized he was in the picture, but smiled and waved and continued on his way.

Bell tower at Florida National Veteran's Cemetery

An old pier in black and white

Monday, April 27, 2009

Looking over Lake Sumter at sunset

Lois Anne took this shot at just the right time; the magical time between day and night.

Heron perched on pier

We caught this cutie perched on a pier post in Destin, Florida (the Panhandle area) a while back. I think he posed purposely putting on a front for the camera!

Red house now red restaurant

For years, this bright red house has attracted photographers walking or riding through Cedar Key. Then, a couple of years ago, we noticed something had changed: it was no longer just a house, it had turned into a restaurant. We haven't eaten there yet, but no doubt will do a taste test sometime in the near future.

Snuck in with the big guys

Spanish Springs was so busy on Friday evening, golf cart drivers had to park their golf carts in the regular parking lots. This particular cart stuck out among all the others.

Got his eye on me!

As I took his photo at the Miami Zoo, this tiger rolled his head and looked me in the eye. I was quite happy there was a rather large moat between us!

A museum relic

You'll find this old relic of a fishing boat, which I assume represents Cedar Key's fishing industry, at the Cedar Key Museum.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Looking toward the Dock area at sunset

Boardwalk to the Beach

If you're staying in a condominium or apartment on the beaches in Florida, you will want to use a boardwalk to get to the ocean. It is a no-no to walk on or through the sand dunes. This boardwalk is located just south of Daytona Beach.

Nancy Lopez Golf Resort Swimming Pool

The Nancy Lopez Golf Resort in Spanish Springs includes not only golf courses, pro shop, restaurant, but also a swimming pool and tennis courts. The swimming pool is quite large and quite nice.