Saturday, July 4, 2009

Detail of La Reina

La Reina, you may recall, is located in the Spanish Springs downtown area, and housed the sales offices for The Villages. The sales offices have moved to a new location and La Reina is now home to a variety of businesses as well as a large Mexican restaurant.

This photos shows some detail of the southern side of the building.

Mother Duck and ducklings in China at Epcot's World Showcase

About seven in the morning

Friday, July 3, 2009

On the waterfront

On the waterfront at Lake Sumter Landing.

Horse country

North central Florida is home to numerous horse farms, many, if not most, dedicated to raising and training race horses. This is one of them, located about 30 miles northwest of Ocala.

A good day on the water

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The late, great Dominig's Ristorante

Isn't this a beautiful ristorante? One of the chefs, perhaps the chief chef, was our neighbor until he moved away a couple of years ago.

Dominig's Ristorante in Lake Sumter Landing is no more. We had always planned to eat there but when we visited Lake Sumter Landing one evening a few months ago, we found the ristorante was shut down.

We went back to Lake Sumter Landing recently, and lo and behold, there's another restaurant in that same space with a large outdoor bar where you see tables and people in the photo above. It looked very nice so we will give that a try in the near future.

Skansa building

I call this the Skansa building as that is the company doing the construction. The construction, however, is taking years! The building has not noticeably changed in at least three years, maybe more.

It sits just off Interstate 4 in Altamonte Springs, and from what I understand is owned by a "Christian" radio station. Evidently, the powers-that-be want to have the building paid for when it's completed and so they build as much at a time as donations will allow.

Clearly, the monies are not coming in.

Another side of Cedar Key

Cedar Key has many facets; it's not all beautiful condos and waterways and sunsets.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RJ Gators in Lake Sumter Landing

It's on the waterfront and a nice place to eat...relaxed, earthy ambiance and the food was quite good.

Disney frivolity at Epcot

Time to call it a day

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ocala National Forest

The Ocala National Forest begins a few miles east of Ocala. This photo was taken on State Road 40 which runs across the state to terminate at Ormond Beach.

The Ocala National Forest is huge, 383,000 acres, with numerous lakes. It offers a wide range of recreational opportunities.

Much more information about the forest is here.

Open air market in Lake Sumter Landing

These open air markets are held frequently in both downtowns - Spanish Springs and Lake Sumter Landing. This one was in Lake Sumter Landing. Wares for sale include all kinds of trinkets, household items, sporting goods, watches, glassware, etc.

Almost gone!

This is another of Cedar Key's glorious sunsets.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Walking the boardwalk to the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse has a light. It also houses a casual-style restaurant. We have not yet eaten there, but will at some time in the future, as it affords a fine view of the lake at sunset!

Ghost Riders Saloon

On Highway 40, east of Ocala. Packed with bikers during Daytona Bike Week.

Lime green motel on edge of town

Bring sunglasses! For the motel! Actually, I think it's quite attractive. Certainly eye-catching!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things were ducky on St. Patrick's Day

On or about St. Patrick's Day, we visited Spanish Springs in The Villages. A large number of people filled the town square for the usual evening concert. The Villages, being a fun place, dyed the waters surrounding the square a St. Patrick green.

They even brought in some Mallard ducks.

Or did they?

Are they real or is this another Disneyesque creation?

Downtown Deland

Deland, Florida is the home of Stetson University, a reputable school affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Deland, a small town, is located about 55 miles southeast of Ocala. It is quite charming with excellent shops and restaurants. This is the downtown area.

Retrofitting fishing gear

Out on Cedar Key's new pier, we were watching this gentleman fish when suddenly he began yanking his rod vigorously. Evidently his hook had become caught on the bottom or on a rock. I knew how he felt as the same thing has happened to me many times. He became more and more frustrated and yanked harder and harder until suddenly his rod snapped.

He was not a happy camper. But, he wasn't a quitter, either. Here you see him fixing up another rod so he could feed the fish one more time.