Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seafood restaurant in New Smyrna Beach

It looks kinda wild, and it was rough-hewn inside, but the food was quite good.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Waterfront, Eustis, Florida

I've seen the light!

Okay, please stop with the emails, letters, telegrams, notes from President Obama. I will continue to post photos of The Villages on occasion. And Leif, please tell Allison to cancel the Viking assault.

I've seen the light. Well, at least the lighthouse at Lake Sumter Landing!

Am I blue?

Nah...but due to the millions and millions of people (well, would you believe two?) who have written, called, sent telegrams, or messaged me via the Pony Express to complain about not seeing any more photos of Cedar Key, I've reconsidered and have decided to post here every once in awhile...

Thus, a blue sunrise for your perusal...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This one rules the roost!

In Cross Creek, Florida, at the home of the writer, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (The Yearling), which is now a national historic site, this cocky rooster hangs out with several of his friends. Just don't get too close.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This day ends...

The Villages Daily Photo and Cedar Key Daily Photo are being shut down. It has become too difficult to process five photo blogs. These blogs will not be deleted, but there will be no more postings for a while, if ever.

I will, however, be posting photos from both The Villages and Cedar Key on Florida Fotos.

Your support and comments have been wonderful and Lois Anne and I are very grateful!

We will continue with Ocala Daily Photo, Florida Fotos and Paree.

Shutting down...

It seems that I have bitten off more than I can chew. Thus, I'm shutting down this blog (and The Villages) for a time, maybe permanently. It's become too difficult to keep up with five photo blogs.

Cedar Key Daily Photo and The Villages Daily Photo will not be deleted, but there will be no new postings. Photos from Cedar Key and The Villages will be posted fairly frequently on Florida Fotos.

I want to thank all of you for your kind support and many kind comments.

Ocala Daily Photo, Florida Fotos and Paree will continue.

The "Chosen Generation"

We first noticed this institution several years ago when driving between Ocala and Orlando. Located in Plymouth, Florida, a few miles northwest of Orlando, it is called International Seminary.

International Seminary, which consists of a couple of small buildings and perhaps two dozen staff members, was founded by a fundamentalist revival preacher named Glenn Tyler in 1966. The "seminary" survives today, training people to bring fundamentalist Christianity to folks all over the world. More or less.

It is not a large organization. And if you look at the staff and their qualifications, most of them are graduates of this institution with degrees granted by this institution. The word, incestuous, comes to mind.

You can read all about it here.

(I'm not sure as to "The Chosen Generation" reference).

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Now that you've bought your house in The Villages, you should get it insured. Hop in your golf car and putt putt to downtown Lake Sumter Landing. Park where it says "Insurance."

Morocco - at Epcot

His & Hers

On the dock. Probably shopping and/or getting a bite to eat. Then they'll hit the road. But they'll be back. Cedar Key is a magnet.