Saturday, July 18, 2009

Which way should we go?

Oops. Would be easy to get confused here in Lake Sumter Landing.

Photo by Lois Anne.

Main street

I don't know if this street is officially called "Main Street," but it is the main street through the center of Eustis' historic district and ends where Lake Eustis begins - you can see the lake in the distance. There are lots of nice shops and businesses on both sides of the street.

Out, out and away

Please refer to photo of yacht posted yesterday, Friday July 17. These two folks appear to be the owners of the yacht and had come ashore, perhaps to have dinner and walk around the island. Here they are getting into their small boat to head back out to their boat.

They're on their way!

Almost there...but they didn't go directly to their yacht. The rode around a sailboat anchored nearby, looked it over, and then went to their yacht and hoisted their small dinghy.

As noted, the next morning they were gone.

Entering Lake Sumter Landing

From Morse Boulevard, you take a right. At the point this photo was taken you are about a block from Lake Sumter Landing's town square.

Eustis Barber Shop

Located in the historic district, this barber shop will cut your hair for $10. Notice the striped barber pole. There's another, similar shop, in town, also with a striped barber pole.

Dropping in for dinner at Cedar Key

The yacht is actually quite a ways out in the water. The long lens compresses the distance.

We observed the owners of this yacht in town, strolling along, enjoying a beautiful summer evening...then they got in their little dinghy (which you can see in the photo) and went back to their yacht. They were gone in the morning.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Van Patten House

The Van Patten House houses Katie Belle's restaurant. Originally, one had to be a resident of The Villages or a guest of a resident to dine at Katie Belle's. I'm not sure what happened (not enough business?), but that rule was relaxed and now all are welcome.

One visitor explained the Van Patten House this way (and it also helps one understand The Villages as a "Disneyland for adults"):

"Outside [of the Van Patten House], an historical marker explains the building's colorful past. 'Katie Belle Van Patten was the wife of a Jacksonville businessman, John Decker Van Patten, who, along with a number of other investors, built the luxurious hotel in 1851 ...'

"The plaque looks so authentic that I have to remind myself that I am standing on what was pastureland a mere decade ago. ..."

And so it goes. Make-believe. But ain't it fun?

Pets4Less and more...

In the little town of Oklawaha, you can, in this building, get a pet for less, and buy or sell real estate.

The right time, the right place

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Early evening on the boardwalk at Lake Sumter Landing

Looking down the boardwalk toward the Waterfront Inn, early evening at Lake Sumter Landing.

The Eustis waterfront

The city of Eustis, Florida, a few miles north and west of Orlando, is built along Lake Eustis! The city has done a magnificent job fixing up its waterfront with a park, a beautiful swimming complex, a jungle gym for the little ones, and a long concrete walkway interspersed with gazebos.

Sunrise in blue

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bird houses for sale in the furniture store

We've shown you several pictures of the huge furniture store in Lake Sumter Landing which spreads out of a couple of square blocks. In this area of the store, directly across from the town square, you can find a selection of bird houses - for your back yard!

Home in East Lake Weir

East Lake Weir is a little, bitty town just north of the town of Lake Weir. We have driven by this home many times and finally stopped the darn car and took a picture. It is rather run-down, but I would guess in the distant past it probably housed a gas station and a store on the main level. It appears there are people living upstairs and maybe on the ground floor, too.

The Sawgrass Motel

The Sawgrass Motel, located on the dock in Cedar Key, just across from the new pier, is a rather funky-looking place, but would certainly put you in the center of the action!

We haven't been inside for awhile, but there's a gallery on the first floor for those of you who would like to shop for Florida-type stuff and Cedar Key specific items.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Magnolia blossom

There are a couple of magnificent magnolia trees in front of the large furniture store in Lake Sumter Landing. This is a blossom from one of them.

Gator Joe's - One last time

Take a tour of Cedar Key

You can take a tour of Cedar Key by calling the number on that sign. The "rickshaw," I believe is horse-powered, and would actually be a good way to get an overview of the entire island.