Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yardarm - Lake Sumter Landing

Nikon D300, f6.3, 1/160, ISO 200, Exp. compensation -.03.

Under construction - Ormond Beach

Nikon D300. f11, 1/500, ISO 200

Playground and restrooms - at the beach

Photo by Lois Anne. Nikon D40, f11, 1/500, ISO 200.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Main Street - Lake Sumter Landing

Photo by Lois Anne. Nikon D70, f9.5, 1/350.

Rainbow Springs across the water

Photo taken with a Nikon F4s, Fuji Velvia 50 film.

Cedar Cove from the Dock area

Photo by Lois Anne. Nikon D70 - f11, 1/500.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Open Bible Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Open Bible Evangelical Lutheran Church is under construction in The Villages between the Spanish Springs and Lake Sumter Landing downtowns.

It is part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a small, ultra-conservative Lutheran body that believes the Bible is the inerrant word of God and must be taken literally in all respects.

I find the architecture rather interesting and could not help but think if it was painted white it would resemble Casper the ghost.

Church of God by Faith

The Church of God by Faith is located in the country near Citra, Florida.

Maximum sea level

Several people have inquired about houses built on stilts in Cedar Key. As noted, quite often the most severe damage suffered during a hurricane is not from wind but from storm surge.

Water surging ashore can reach quite high levels. Thus, on the beach at Cedar Key, just in front of the condos shown in yesterday's post, is a pole showing maximum sea levels. Note, at the present time it tops out at 12 feet. If a storm surge approaches 12 feet, everything under 12 feet is likely to be washed away or severely damaged.

In many coastal communities, structures are now required to be built on stilts to allow from a maximum storm surge to flow under and through the building.

This photo and yesterday's photo were taken by Lois Anne using a Nikon D40.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scene from Spanish Springs

Ocean kayak on Ormond Beach

New condos for sale

The last we knew, these new condos facing the water on the west side of Cedar Key, were selling for about $400,000. Location is everything!

Monday, September 21, 2009

All dogs like country music

This fine-looking canine specimen was discovered in the Spanish Springs downtown square with his mistress. You'll see he's well tended to, in a nice carriage with netting to keep the bugs away. Although you can't tell from the photo, his little tail was a-wagging to the music of the Redneck Country Club!

Key Largo

This is, obviously, an old photo. It was taken in Key Largo, which is the northernmost key in the Florida Keys. I found it the other day, and although it's kind of scruffy, I rather liked it. It sort of shouts "old Florida." Did you notice the name of the boat? I'm sure Humphrey Bogart was around somewhere.

One more Cedar Key sunset

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dancing in Spanish Springs

These couples, along with many others, were having a great time dancing to the excellent music of the Redneck Country Club band.

Nap time

Seen on Ormond Beach, Florida.

From the Gulf of Mexico, a channel to the back bays