Monday, February 16, 2009


The two "hometown" areas of The Villages are Disney-like creations, their ambiance designed specifically to provide various experiences. For example, Sumter Landing is on a small lake. The wooden pier and walkways, stores and restaurants, lights, and all the other trappings let you feel like they've been there forever and they developed over time.

Thus, the lighthouse at Sumter Landing has no real function. It is decoration. But beautiful decoration. It is also a restaurant and bar.

Disney-esque though it all be, it is still beautiful and a delightful place to spend a warm evening with the one you love.


Tricia said...

That's a really nice night time shot - I love that sky w/ the palm tree & the lighthouse!!!

crocrodyl said...

Great place! Nice photo!

Meg in Nelson said...

Disney-esque it may be, but still lovely. Crabs for me, please.

cieldequimper said...

A fake train station and now a fake lighthouse! I love it!!!