Saturday, December 5, 2009

Les Chefs de France

One of the restaurants in "France" at Epcot. And this photo will also embiggen if you click on it!

We are very busy selling our house and moving to another part of town. If the past couple days are indicative of what lies ahead, I'll probably be able to only post and comment sporadically for the next few weeks. But I will do the best I can because I hate to miss all the great photos of our CDP friends!


Chris said...

Good luck with the selling and moving... Nice pictures but I thought you were really publishing chefs pictures, you know the cookers ;-)

Cezar and Léia said...

Wow,that's a big change! Selling your house to move to another place... Well, I hope that everything goes smooth and that you settle soon and feel great in your new home. Luna and we will miss you and your creative comments and poems...
God bless you!

Small City Scenes said...

It looks like a good place to go and have a yummy meal. MB

Cindy said...

Good luck with moving. I hope it goes smooth. The photo is beautiful. Nice looking place. I love the posts and the flower baskets. ~Cindy

Asta said...

Hi Jacob,

WOW! This looks so nice. Very French and very cosy-:)

Best regards