Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jungle clearing - Davie, Florida


Small City Scenes said...

Ooomba gowa!!

Sailor said...

I remember another picture of you a chair in the middle of the jungle. Is this the same place?

Cezar and Léia said...

hehehe funny...someone could take good care of their garden!
C'est la pagaille!
Hey hey hey, I need to say thank you for the COOL, so COOL poem about Tuscany.We are really happy, it's a honor. Brilliant talent that you have, it's a gift!
Cezar is still on vacation but I have already came back to school.

Chris said...

Euh sorry but your cleaning is a mess ;-) Wow man, hope it's not your yard ;-)

JM said...

I would enjoy having a house there.

Chris said...

Well ok at least it was not YOUR yard... Sorry I hope I did not offend you but I guess I thought that the blue bags were just coming from the wind or something. I did not realize it could have been the work going on ;-)

Rolf said...

Very clear!

I also have ancestors from Värmland and the region of Linköping. We are probably close family. It is a small world.

I posted some emigrant related photos from Blomskog

But i can't find Janesfors only a hairdresser Jane Fors in Linköping