Thursday, August 4, 2011

Old train station - Inverness

This old station was renovated some time ago and made into a restaurant. The restaurant, unfortunately, didn't make it. It now stands empty.


Lois said...

What a shame! I hope someday it will be a good home for another business.

Sailor said...

This reminds me of the train station in my forest village!

This is still a train station if you believe me :D

I really apologize that I have not made any real visit to your beautiful blogs. My laptop broke and my sweet wife use the other one and she works from home using that. I don't want to steal her time using it and I am waiting for my new laptop delivery from Dell in the next week some time. They are taking longer time than the promised 12 days delivery time.

I hope everything is fine with you and your loved ones!

Cezar and Léia said...

It's a pity, the restaurant looks very cozy.
About your comment, I'm not sure if there are lots of Russians living here.The Church was closed, I couldn't see inside.I think they only open for the ceremony.
However, during this last school year, I had two school mates, one from Russia, living here about 13 years, her husband is also Russian (working for a Bank).
The other girl is from Bielorrussia, she told me she asked for exile and now she is living here.In fact I didn't understand much about. Generally people are very reserved.

Have a nice weekend!

joo said...

What a shame! It's such a lovely building!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful piece of architecture...sad to see it deteriorate.