Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Florida Sunset


bfarr said...

You've got a winner here.

cieldequimper said...

Apart from a few minutes here and there, haven't seen the sun in a good 2 months if not more...

joo said...

Oh my! It's a stunning photo, and the light is awesome!!!!

Cindy said...

Amazing sunset. Very beautiful.

We love LUNA said...

oh my friend, I'm terrified by that "dinosaurs"in your header!
Guy, I need to confirm, you are really but really brave to face that dino with your camera!
Well...I know, I know!Everything to get a "fabulous and unique"shot!
Bravo my friend, your header is wonderful!
now, thanks for the sunset!I can recover well and take a peaceful nap!
hihihi =^.^=

*** by the way, mammy says "you are right about the schedule of classes and her tests."
She will be able to breath in two months, WE HOPE so! :)
The good news: my dad finished his French lessons.I'm so proud of him!My dad got the excellent score of his French tests "9.6 of 10.0"
Hey, he is shy and modest!Don't tell him that I told you! hihihi better to say, it was a bird!

Lois said...


crocrodyl said...


JM said...

So simple and yet so beautiful!

David Thomas said...

Nice photo. Florida should be for lovers, not Virginia, this time of year!