Monday, April 13, 2009

Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

The authorities have, within the past few years, "remodeled" the Hollywood Beach boardwalk, which runs about 3 miles along the Atlantic in Hollywood, Florida.

Opposite of the beach and the boardwalk are numerous hotels, motels, restaurants and shops. At about the center of the boardwalk you'll find a bandshell which is used for concerts.

Many Canadian and European families spend the winters in this area, and you will often hear country western music sung in French emanating from one of the bars.

This photo was taken last Thanksgiving, thus the holiday decorations.


JM said...

I would like a walk there, everything looks so nice!

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful place for a promenade!
Great post Jacob!

Kind REgards

m_m said...

Nice, it seems like a really inviting street!

Anonymous said...

They sure did a good job sprucing up the boardwalk, but country music in FRENCH?!!? YIKES!

Jacob said...

@ Tricia...the first time we heard it walking by this open bar, we did a double-take. Actually, it sounds very good! They even had the nasal twang down!

~Cheryl said...

Very inviting boardwalk. I just thought the decorations were in preparation for May Day!

Lisa Wilson said...

Very beautiful! I can't imagine country western music sung in French, though.