Thursday, August 6, 2009

An idle cat

What can I say. This cat was doing nothing. Surely there was work to be done somewhere!


~Cheryl said...

Heh, heh! You got me! I was expecting a super relaxed, furry one. (Hope he's not getting ready to fill in that pretty little pond)

Cindy said...

What's that they say about idle hands? I wonder if it applies to idle cats? Good shot Jacob.

I also like the photo of the medium(s) house. It's a nice looking place.

Wishing you and Lois Anne a wonderful weekend.

Jacob said...

Thanks Cheryl and Cindy! The photo of the "cat" was taken at our daughter's house in South Florida...her husbands was using it to move dirt around somewhere on the property. And no, he's not going to fill in the pond...that's full of iguanas!

Have a wonderful day!