Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the floating dock at Eustis

The city of Eustis, Florida, has installed a number of floating docks on the waterfront to serve boaters coming and going.

Lois Anne decided she might find the perfect shot if she went out on one of them. I think I'm the one who got the perfect shot!


~Cheryl said...

I think you are right! *grin*

Floating docks are really neat, but they do give me the willies to walk on them.

Amit Gupta said...

hehehe....u definitely got a great shot...

Lake Weir Realty, Inc said...

I like this angle.

Asta said...

Hi Jacob,

Ha, ha, ha!
You most certainly did!
It's excellent!

Glory to Lois Anne as well for giving you the opportunity.

Best regards